In order to join or renew membership in the USJF, use the application found on the downloads page. Note that active military Judo members serving in an Active War Zone seeking to join or renew, should use the Military Membership Form. Excess Accident Medical Insurance is included with the USJF Membership. Print out the form, fill it out clearly, sign the appropriate waiver, enclose a check for the appropriate fee, and mail it to the United States Judo Federation National Office at:

United States Judo Federation
P.O. Box 338
Ontario, OR 97914

Online Registration

Online Registration is currently open.  Please read the FAQ before proceeding.

Special membership programs

In addition to regular membership, the United States Judo Federation also offers the following special programs:

Life MembershipListing of Life Members

President’s Life Membership ClubListing of President’s Life Membership

USJF President’s Special Recognition Program

Friends and Boosters of USJF

Parents, Friends, Relatives, and Boosters who are not involved with practice, instruction, coaching, refereeing, and etc. are able to show their support by purchasing a Booster Membership. The Booster Membership is also a way for the dojo or yudanshakai to recognize these supporters by purchasing them a Booster Membership. The membership will earn a $5 rebate for your club and increase the membership count for your yudanshakai. Show your appreciation for your boosters and volunteers and get them an Booster Membership today. The Booster Membership Application Form are available on the downloads page.